Applied Kinesiology (AK) offers some standard and novel ways to evaluate and treat various problems and conditions.  AK was first developed in 1964 by Dr. George Goodhart who using standardized orthopedic manual muscle tests noticed relationships to other systems in the body based on principals of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology, nutrition, and acupuncture.   Since the early days and continuing to today there have been great contributions by many doctors from many different disciplines contributing to the body of knowledge in the International College of Applied Kinesiology. 

AK is used along with other diagnostic and treatment protocols.  It does not replace standard physical, orthopedic or neurological examination or laboratory testing but can help correlate and tailor findings for individual treatment protocols.  It uses manual muscle testing, gait analysis and posture, neurological and orthopedic assessment and labs correlated with symptoms as a window into underlying conditions. This integrated approach can help the skilled practitioner find hidden problems and help resolve chronic issues as well as optimize current performance and movement. 

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